A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The first thing that came to mind the first day, I hope you enjoy it.

Are you able to copy yourself on the final exam of the race? Test your copy paste skills.

If they find a mistake do not hesitate to let me know.

The Linux and Mac versions were not tested.

If you have any questions, please comment.

Thank you. Link to LD37 entry.

Ludum Dare 37

Do you like the game? Comment please, I would like to know

Do you have ideas? Discuss in the comments.

Thanks again.

Bug fixes (Post-Jam Version) (2016-12-20).

- Fixed errors with sounds.
- Add another opportunity to be seen.
- Updating the interface, to display the percentage numbers correctly.

Install instructions

Link to LD37 entry.

Ludum Dare 37


Win (PJ-V0.1)(Server: itch.io) 16 MB
Win (PJ-V0.1)(Server: MEGA)
OS/X (PJ-V0.1)(Server: itch.io) 19 MB
OS/X (PJ-V0.1)(Server: MEGA)
Linux (PJ-V0.1)(Server: itch.io ) 19 MB
Linux (PJ-V0.1)(Server: MEGA)


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Do we have to use winzip to download it? I don't have it but I really want to play.

Hey, I'm sorry for my late response. Do you still need it? you can use winrar or 7-Zip.

Un gran juego, falta pulir algunos detalles pero esta muy bien plateado y muy bueno, Un gameplay de este estupendo juego, espero lo disfruten :3 !!

Hey Mart44 gracias por tu gameplay y comentario, al juego le falta muchísimo la verdad, aunque lo tengo abandonado ahora actualmente no trabajo en el, puede ser que alguna vez lo retome aunque ahora mismo no tengo idea, un saludo y gracias nuevamente.

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El Juego me gusto, al juego le falta pero esta muy bien planteado. Espero subir más gameplays de tus juegos.

this is how i feel before


Hey! I've played your game and quite much enjoyed it, however i thought it was a bit too easy, but other than that great work!

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Lol, thank you very much for the gameplay and your comments. The game is not difficult that is clear, but for the short time I could not go deepen into it. I think I will improve this game in the future. I have some ideas in mind that can make this game better.

Edit: Can I put the link of your video in the description? Giving you all the credit.

I cant download either of the windows ones.

Hello alen1234di, I just added the files to the Itch.io server please let me know if you can download, thanks for the comment.

i cant download

Hello Euyafd, I just added the files to the Itch.io server please let me know if you can download, thanks for the comment.

Why the download can't be downloaded?! (The post jam)

Hi @lmaoguy, which of all the versions you can not download?

I have tried the links and they work correctly, please check that you are not blocking pop-ups. If you do not manage to download let me know.


Welp,Gonna try again.

Well..the jam thing

Hey @lmaoguy Did you manage to download the game?